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December 2, 2009


Burgess Contracting
800 Gratiot Blvd.
Marysville, MI 48040


Att: Tim Burgess
Re: 21st, Street Project, Port Huron


Dear Tim:
J just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great service you provided on the 21st Street Project in Port Huron.
We appreciate that you always had a well-maintained fleet and they were always prompt.
And your drivers stayed as long as needed. They were very cordial to the neighbors and very safety conscience. We also appreciated the fact, that if we needed an extra truck, you were there with no hesitation.
It was great working with you and I hope that we can do more projectS with your company in the future.


Sincerely yours,


800 Gratiot Blvd. Marysville, MI 48040.
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